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11th Légufrufolies, Lachaussée (France), 2017, march 11 and 12h

Version Française

It is with great pleasure, after 2016 having no meeting, that the participants of the Legufrufolies met for the 11th time on Saturday, the 11th and Sunday, the 12th of March 2017.
This year, we were summoned to LACHAUSSEE (Meuse) by the initiative of our local member, Isabelle BIWER, assisted by her son Antoine.
The first arrivals on Friday, at the end of the day, were able to observe that the setting proposed by the estate of the Old Mill was splendid, with the meeting room set at the foot of a magnificent pond and the sounds of protected birds.

Present at the 11th meeting were :

- The regular

Gérard BEIX
Xavier HEYTE (Belgium)
Marco GANDINI (Italy)
Marie-Madeleine MURINGER
Antoine BIWER the youngest member of our family, and, in our opinion, will be for a long time
Isabelle BIWER
Natalie VAN DAMME (Belgium)

- The returnees

Monique LEQUY (last participation in Authie in 2010), from now on our most senior member
Eugène VERDOOD (Belgium - last participation in Ermont in 2009)
Lindsey BOGLE (a New Zealand wrapper collector, residing in the Netherlands - last participation in Authie in 2011)

- A few new faces

Coralie DETHIERE, creator and moderator of the Facebook page of our website and who was promoted to General before the meeting
Élisabeth PIERRET a wrapper collector who believed she was alone in the world

Through their participation in the meetings, Corinne and Elisabeth have been promoted as Sargents Legufru.

Some great accomplishments:

The site found by Isabelle
The quality of meals served
The number of collectors present (19)
The friendly invasion of the Belgian army, ie 6 collectors and accompanying people
Three new faces
Returnees, three, who are not ghosts in a haunted castle
Exceptional weather forecasting in this season so close to winter
Enthusiasm and number of exchanges
Friendship and good humor
The choice of Sunday morning activities:
* Guided tour of the village of HATTONCHATEL which offers a splendid panorama and architecture
* Visit of the American monument on the coast of Montsec, which was the center of violent battles led by the American troops in 1917 on the salient of Saint-Mihel
Marco GANDINI and his wife whose French is getting better and better
The good mood of the accompanying persons, not necessarily all passionate but very understanding
The official inauguration by the county councilor and the speeches including a highly acclaimed one by Antoine BIWER
Interested visitors
The visit of a very curious and well versed journalist who devoted a lot of time to our event. We hope he will write a real and beautiful article
The many gifts that were exchanged
The next meetings of 2018 and 2019 are already assured
The mug of Legufrufolies
The poster prepared by Alain SQUADRELLI

Some regrets ... .. not much but still of note:

The absentees, but moreover, the absence of answers to the invitation emails
Xavier's nervous crisis, who, at the sight of a hot-air balloon that came to defy him by passing over the lake, wanted to throw himself into the water, overcome by despair
Participation diplomas that were forgotten and not officially handed over, as at every Legufrufolies encounter, with champagne and small sweet biscuits. They will therefore be sent by Didier SALAMON by mail.

And after...

The 12th meeting of Legufrufolies has already been initiated. It is Élodie DEMARETZ (organizer in 2014) who volunteered to welcome us on the 21st and 22nd of April, 2018, around Dunkerque, in a place that has yet to be defined and which will be communicated to all as soon as it is known.
Note also that we will meet in 2019, at the same time in LACHAUSSEE, unless a collector offers us another site by then.

THANK YOU to all and see you soon on the site, on Facebook and in 2018 for the next meeting.

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