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The report of the 13th Legufrufolies is available

Welcome to the site of fruit/vegetable sticker collectors (legufrulabelophilists) and fruit wrapper collectors (agrumists).
Created in 2006 by two cousins, Gabriel and Didier, this site has steadily evolved to offer you today a new, more modern concept, both attractive and interactive.
This site, which desires to serve the community is open to everyone. But from now on, to benefit from all its features, a REGISTRATION, free, is mandatory.
To access the management of its collection online, an annual fee of 10 will be required.
Come all and join us in this space to trade and share. Come to discover the many facets and opportunities that this unique and fun-loving collection can offer.

On line : 122935 labels   29683 fruit wrappers   5284 hangtags   1787 net tags