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16th Legufrufolies

French version

The 15th Legufrufolies are coming soon!

For this 16th edition, this major meeting of collectors of fruit labels and papers will take place this year in the French Ardennes, organized by Coco and Didier who now live in this pretty corner of France.
The date has been set for the weekend of May 18 and 19, 2024.

Address :
39 Rue haute
08220 La Romagne, France

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For those who arrive on Friday May 17: a simple and friendly meal will be prepared by the organizers in Romagna (free participation).

Program of the meeting:

Saturday May 18:

- 8:30 a.m.: Doors openning
- 9 a.m.: Welcome breakfast offered to all and start of discussions
- 12 p.m.: Cold meal in the room (free for ACEFLA members)
- 4 p.m.: ACEFLA General Assembly
- 6:30 p.m.: End of discussions
- 7:30 p.m.: For those who wish, restaurant "le relais de la chouette" in Parfondeval at the expense of each participant

Sunday May 19:

- 10 a.m.: Meet at the Sedan fortified castle for the group visit. (Free entry to members).
- 12:00 p.m.: Meals in Sedan (the restaurant is not yet defined) at the expense of each person.
- After noon: City tour for those who wish

Fill in the form below before May 1st, 2024 to register or tell us that you cannot come:

Yes, I register to participate in the 16th Legufrufolies(Free entry: Room rental paid for by the association)
I plan to participate in the 15th Legufrufolies but I will confirm later
No, I will not participate in the 15th Legufrufolies

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