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14th Legufrufolies

French version

The 14th Legufrufolies are coming soon!

This great meeting will take place this year in Normandy (France), under the aegis of Coralie and Didier.
The date was set for the weekend of april 25-26, 2020.

Address :
Salle des ftes
La Bazoque (14 - FRANCE)

Google map of the site

Agenda of the meeting:

Saturday, April 25st, 2019:

- 9 h 30 : Reception of collectors, setting up
- 10 h : Official opening of the meeting and beginning of the exchanges !! (Although usually exchanges have already begun)
- 12h00 : Meal offered by the ACEFLA association to all its members present. For non-members, possibility to join the association or to pay his share of the meal.
- Exchanges will continue throughout the afternoon, drinks and cupcakes will also be offered by the association.
- 19h : For those who wish, departure for Saint-L.
Meals together in a good mood at the restaurant "La pataterie"

Sunday, April 26st, 2020:

- 10 h : Visit of the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum (entrance offered by ACEFLA for the members of the association)
- 12h00 : Restaurant near the museum for those who wish
- 14h : End of the meetings and departure of the participants

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